Labor, environmental and safety law


The GTA Law Firm provides advice and assistance to companies in the field of labor law, occupational safety and the environment.

In these areas, the Firm assists companies in the correct application and interpretation of the Law on health and safety at work (c.d. “TUSL” – Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) and the Environmental Code (Legislative Decree no. 152/2006) as well as other national and European legislation in the sector.

Specifically, the Firm:

  • Prepares opinions, contracts, or other legal transactions aimed at the legislative compliance of corporate conduct;
  • Collaborates in the preparation of organizational chart and internal organizational protocols and prepares the texts of functional proxies of the employer or of the environmental manager;
  • Provides advice and out-of-court assistance in relations with the public administration and competent territorial bodies; assists and represents company representatives involved in criminal proceedings;
  • Assists and represents business representatives and companies in civil and administrative disputes;
  • Carries out teaching and training activities in the company.

The aforementioned activities are carried out by the Firm with regard to structured client companies, that use the most sophisticated management tools – such as the international certifications UNI EN ISO 45001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 – and to medium or small size corporate clients with less organizational structure.

Since its foundation, the Firm has provided advice on labor and social security law. The activity of the professionals is carried out both in the field of out-of-court assistance and advice, as well as before the administrative authorities, and in the judicial defense before the courts of merit and higher jurisdictions.

The Firm offers its costumers assistance on labor law, in particular for:

  • Disputes relating to collective and individual dismissals;
  • Problems related to services contracts and the outsourcing of production sectors;
  • Sales of a company and/or company branch;
  • Negotiations with trade unions for the management of redundancies;
  • Disputes in progress with social security and/or welfare institutions, as well as with the inspection authorities;
  • Problems associated with supplementary pensions;
  • Disputes connected both to the public employment and to the sector of the subsidiary companies;
  • The definition of contractual agreements at the time of hiring and for the settlement of disputes with executives and managers. In this area, the professionals of the Firm have acquired skills by assisting both industrial companies of primary importance at a national level and small and medium-sized enterprises.