Commercial contracts


The GTA Law Firm provides consultancy in the field of national and international commercial contracts, identifying the problems connected to these agreements, both in the Italian law and EU law, as well as in foreign law, making use of an international network of professionals.

In particular, the consultancy on business contracts concerns:

  • The definition of contractual agreements with commercial agents and distributors, exclusively or not;
  • The definition of contractual licensing agreements aimed at the sale and distribution of products, in various forms;
  • Contractual consultancy in the field of electronic commerce distribution methods (see the related activity sheet: IP and new technologies);
  • The definition of contractual agreements for supply and sale, the definition of general conditions of purchase or sale, both in the BtoB sector and towards the final consumer, with analysis of the problems connected to consumer law and product liability;
  • The definition of contractual agreements between companies, in the field of public and private procurement contracts;
  • Assistance for the modification, interruption or termination of all the aforementioned contractual relationships and the related litigation, both in and out of court;
  • Distribution networks and franchising.